Counseling Services at Capital Baptist Church promotes the emotional health & wellness of church members and surrounding community.  Counseling Services includes the Biblical Counseling Ministry and Care Ministry. Through these ministries, we provide short-term individual and group counseling, companionship support via Care Ambassadors, and educational seminars. Counseling Services also provides year-round training workshops and support groups.  See below for more information on our current workshops and click a button to sign up!


Listening for Heaven's Sake

Facilitators - Dennis & Rosemary Scholl

8 weeks, Sunday Feb. 5th - March 26th, 6pm - 7pm

Listening for Heaven’s Sake is an 8 week class devoted to building skills that focus on warmth, empathy and respect. These skills help us to express deep understanding and respect in every relationship. The skills are also utilized when we find ourselves communicating with others. We can become stuck in frustration, misunderstanding or conflict when it comes tocommunicating what we think, feel or want. Listening for Heaven's Sake is for people who want to learn to be genuinely caring and compassionate with everyone you meet without becoming anxious or overly involved.   We will rely on biblical insight, practical exercises, humorous skits, and hands-on coaching to begin to recognize and break bad habits that contribute to unhealthy communications. Listening teaches what it means to show warmth, empathy and respect. This class is highly recommended for all ages and stages. The skills are timeless.