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Life-change happens in a Small Group!


Small Groups Director

Dirk Lieb

Dirk Leib Small Groups Director

 (703) 560-3109 ext 117



New at Capital?

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Newcomers Class


Sunday Mornings

@ 9:30 and 11:00 am

Room 208



Life Change Happens In Small Groups



How can you be sure there's a Small Group that's right for you?


A variety of Groups allows you to choose your topic to study, along with those what share life age and stage experiences similar to yours.  Below is a description of each of the different types of groups that are offered currently and in the past:

Newcomers Small Groups

These people are first timers in a small group and the church. Not only will you have a lot in common with one another but you will also find out what makes CBC a great place for you.

General Small Groups:

These Groups are open to everyone and are a great way to meet a great diversity of people while learning more about the Bible and having fun together.

Ethnic Small Groups

These Groups meet around their ethnicity and country outside of the USA. These groups speak in their languages and eat the food that they are most familiar with.

College age Small Groups:

These Groups are for college-aged individuals and are a great way to meet other students.

Community Small Groups:

These Groups are General Growth Groups with a community service twist!  These Community Service Groups are open to everyone who enjoys community service and wants to make a difference in our city for God.  Each Community Service Group ranghes from helping needy, Homeless and single parents in an abusive situation.

Couples Small Groups:

These Groups are open for all married couples- a great way to meet other couples in the city.

Meal Time Small Groups:

These Groups are General Groups that meet for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Mom's and Family Small Groups:

These Groups are open for those who have children and want to meet others who are also experiencing the adventures of parenthood.  Children are allowed at these Groups.


Health and Weight Loss Small Groups

These people are not only into taking care of their body physically but spiritually also.


Women's and Men's Small Groups:

These Groups are gender specific.  Sorry guys... You can't join the Women's Groups!


Deaf Small Groups

These people meet centered on being hearing impaired but also train others in signing and

in the Bible.


Special needs small Groups

These groups are centered on parents who have special needs children and center around

how to not only study the bible but to create a network atmosphere.

Homeschool Small Groups

These groups are based and centered on homeschooling.


Teen and children’s small groups

These groups meet mainly on Sunday’s and can be a major help in the growth of your children.


Worship Arts Small Groups:

These Groups are for artists who are interested in meeting other artists and in learning more about how to use their gifts to serve God.  Note: some Worship Arts Groups require an audition, and if so, will be included in that Group's description.


*For more information or if you have questions about Small Groups contact Dirk Lieb at   or (703) 560-3109 ext 117